Importance of developing nail art plans

Importance of developing nail art plans

Using consultation techniques in a polite and friendly manner to record the design plan, obtaining signed, written informed consent from the client prior to carrying out the service, ensuring that informed and signed parental or guardian consent is obtained for minors prior to any service, ensuring that a parent or guardian is present throughout the service for minors under the age of 16. Asking your client appropriate questions to identify if they have any contra-indications to nail services.

Taking the necessary action in response to any identified contra-indications. Accurately recording your client’s responses to questioning. Encouraging clients to ask questions to clarify any points. Ensuring client advice is given without reference to a specific medical condition and without causing undue alarm and concern. Effectively disinfecting the area to be treated. Effectively removing any existing nail polish or nail enhancements to restore the nails to a natural condition, if required. Accurately identifying the condition of the nails and skin. Identifying any corrective work to suit the client’s natural nail shape and condition. Explaining your assessment of the client’s nail and skin condition and any limitations to the nail art design. Recommending nail art designs and techniques to suit the client’s nail shape and condition. Agreeing the service and outcomes that are acceptable to your client and meet their needs.

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